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To luxuriate in hedonistic passion

OMG! Like, totally!

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To luxuriate in hedonistic passion

OMG! Like, totally!

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Ok, so I forgot a few. Fine... Here are some more (like anyone cares):
And I do realize that some of them may not be "actors", per se...

Bill Pullman

Claim to fame: Lone Starr, President of the USA in ID4, and my personal favourite: Daryl Zero in The Zero Effect. Which co-starred...

Ben Stiller

Claim to fame: Zoolander, Ted Stroehmann, Jerry Stahl, Mr. Furious, Rabbi Jake Schram, Greg Focker, Crazy Screaming Guy on Friends, a bunch of less-than-memorable characters in less-than-great films, and -again a personal favourite- Tony Perkis in Heavyweights.

Jeff Goldblum

Claim to fame: I can't believe I left him out. I'm so sorry. "Slick" Calvin Stanhope, Dexter King, Dr. Ian Malcolm, D.H. Banes...I'm not going to mention The Fly, because I have certain...issues with people turning into monstrous half-insects. But maybe that's just me. 

Sam Neill

Claim to fame: Dr. Alan Grant, Malloy (the Springfield Cat Burglar), John Trent, Dr. Weir, et.c. 

Jon Stewart

Claim to fame: Getting Americans interested in the world outside the US (and possibly Canada). And Marion Frank Stokes in Death to Smoochy, starring...

Robin Williams

Claim to fame: T.S. Garp, Adrian Cronauer, John Keating (Oh captain, my captain!), Peter Pan(...oops, Banning), Alan Parrish, Patch Adams, Rainbow Randolph,  Sean Maguire. 

Bill Maher 

Claim to fame: Helping Jon Stewart get Americans interested in something other than MTV and the WWF. Although I'll never, ever  forgive him for not smothering Ann Coulter with a pillow when he had the chance.  

Craig Bierko

Claim to fame: Jeffrey Coho. Having Denise end up with Brad-the-fucking-republican-ass is just...wrong. 

Gene Wilder

Claim to fame: *Sigh* He's over 70, and I'd still do him. Willy Wonka (the good one, not the Johnny Depp one), Leo Bloom, Dr. Doug Ross (wait a minute...did ER writers have a sense of humour?), The Waco Kid, Dr. Frederick Fronkensteen, Skip Donahue, Dave Lyons. 

Mark Steel

Claim to fame: Getting people interested in history, politics and religion. I love him. Not only would I do him, I'd overthrow the government with him and establish a communist utopia that would go down the crapper in a few months. 

Rob Brydon

Claim to fame: Roman De Vere. And numerous appearances as himself.

John Hannah

Claim to fame: I really can't believe I forgot John Hannah! Hopefully he'll punish me for this if I ever meet him.  Matthew in Four Weddings & a Funeral (the funeral still makes me cry), James Hammerton from Sliding Doors ("Remember what the Monty Python boys say..."), Jonathan Carnahan from the otherwise unspectacular Mummy and it's sequel, Dr. Robert Dalgety from the short-lived but brilliant MDs, Doug from I'm with Lucy, and as the eponymous hero of Rebus. 

Peter Krause

Claim to fame: Nate Fisher of Six Feet Under. 'Nuff said.

Malcolm Gets

Claim to fame: Richard Karinsky from Caroline in the City, co-starring...

Eric Lutes

Claim to fame: Caroline in the City's Del.

James Caan

Claim to fame: Sonny Corleone, Ed Deline. 

Johnny Depp

Claim to fame: Doesn't every list have to include him? Personally I think it goes without saying, but, here goes. Cry-Baby Walker, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Raoul Duke, Ichabod Crane, Roux, Captain Jack, Rochester, and pretty much anything else he may have ever so much as breathed near, except Vanessa Paradis, who annoys the crap out of me.

Richard E. Grant

Claim to fame: Withnail, Simon Marchmont,  Cort Romney. 

Jeremy Piven

Claim to fame: Spence from Ellen, Ari Gold, Paul Spericki in Grosse Pointe Blank.

John C. McGinley

Claim to fame: This is yet another oh-my-gosh-I-can't-believe-I-left-him-out-he's-so-hot moment. How could I forget Dr. Cox, Jerry Dupree, George York, Sargeant Sisk, Strauss, Red O'Neill...oh, I hope he'll forgive me. 

William Fichtner

Claim to fame: Ryan Sparks from Grace under Fire, Dr. Bruce Kellerman from MDs, Jürgen from Equilibrium.

Willem Dafoe

Claim to fame: Christ himself, Paul Smecker (Oh, how I love Boondock Saints), Kimball in American Psycho, Norman Osborne, John Carpenter in Auto Focus. *Drool*

Billy Connolly

Claim to fame: The world's most fantastic Scottish accent, Beautiful Joe, Kingdom Swann, Steve Myers, Uncle Monty, Professor Johnston.

Dylan McDermott

Claim to fame: Charles Newman in Three to Tango (and what a crap film that was), Bobby Donnell, John Stark.

Brad Garrett

Claim to fame: (Don't judge me, it just happened) Robert Barone.

Kris Kristofferson

Claim to fame: Brilliant lyricist and composer, 71 and still friggin' hot, Billy the Kid, John Norman Howard, Jesse James, Sheriff Charlie Wade, Whistler. And he can sing, too!

Thomas Cavanagh

Claim to fame: Tom Farrell in the (sadly) cancelled Love Monkey, Ed, Dan Dorian, Doug from Providence.

Crispin Glover

Claim to fame: George McFly, Willard, Creepy Thin Guy, Andy Warhol.

Robert Downey Jr. 

Claim to fame: Ralph from 1969, Charlie Chaplin, Larry Pal, Harry Lockhart. 

Eddie Izzard

Claim to fame: Wow. He'll never forgive me. I've, like, touched him and everything. Being an Executive Transvestite, Tony P. in Mystery Men, Troy in Circus, Von Wangenheim in Shadow of the Vampire, Noma Nagel in Ocean's Twelve and Thirteen. 

Ok. I'll stop now.  I may be insane. Or I may just be really bored. I'll leave it to you, dear non-existent reader, to decide.

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